ProtoXYZ’s goal is to speed up rapid prototyping. More and more advanced manufacturing technologies are being developed, and as they do, manufacturers are slow to automate the quotation process. This drastically slows the prototyping process. They aim to fix this by giving customers instant quotes with high customization for all services.
When people think of prototyping, what typically comes to mind is some sort of non-ideal material used to poorly demonstrate an idea. Rapid prototyping in the past was limited to a small set of materials that had a very limited range of properties. This is changing, now engineers can get prototypes with a huge array of properties more suitable to their project’s specific needs.
In addition to this, they have automated the whole process to keep costs low and make these new technologies accessible. Their instant quote engine does not “slice” the whole model to get quotes, unlike other so-called “instant” quote engines. Their algorithms can calculate material use and print time without slicing the model, that way you get quotes much faster at a realistic price. Quote times are typically less than 1 second, with maximum quote times of approximately 10 seconds.

Founded and operated by Jordan Fernandes, E 2020