JW Reilly

Judith Webster Reilly is an American designer based in Boston, Massachusetts with a passion for beautiful things. After discovering a pair of antique shoe buckles in her mother’s dresser drawer, Judith founded JW Reilly – Boston in 2009 and began formulating a fresh spin on an old classic. She patented her design for sterling silver ladies’ shoe buckles in 2012 and they remain unlike anything else on the market today.

Since the company’s inception, she has expanded her designs to include medallions, cuff bracelets, bangles, and money clips. They are all hand-engraved with either monograms, family crests, or a variety of seasonal, gem-embellished motifs. Each piece is made-to-order by New England Craftsmen, using the same hand-hammered technique invented centuries ago.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces as much as the designer has enjoyed creating them.

Founded and operated by Judy Reilly, DMSB’85