Find Your/self Boxes

Find Your/self Boxes is a queer-owned, mental health focused, self-care box company, created to promote good mental health, because mental health is something we ALL have. When it comes to mental health struggles or tough days though, people don’t always know what to do or what to say. Opening the door to talk about mental health doesn’t come with a guide. Find Your/self Boxes serves as an easy way for people to send love and care to those in their life who may be struggling or who need a little pick me up, by offering customizable and curated self-care boxes, filled with research backed wellness products that promote healing. Our goal is to make real self-care for real people. Self-care isn’t all green smoothies and lotus poses, it’s about finding the things that make a person feel well and helping them incorporate those things into their daily life.

Founded by Mallory Gothelf, S 2017

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