Denise Manning London

Denise Manning London, a jewellery collection for the discerning woman with a unique sense of style and an appreciation for something truly different. Prior to arriving in London in 1997, Denise split her time between entrepreneurial ventures and a career in news and fashion TV.

Pursuing her love of business and design, Denise launched Denise Manning London in 2004. She is best known for her immaculate attention to detail, making her one-of-kind jewellery designs a favourite amongst many, including high profile clients, television personalities and celebrities. Her collection can be found in top retail and on-line boutiques both in New York and London.

From vintage inspired, to modern classics, all of her jewellery pieces are created using superior quality semi-precious stones, pearls, sterling silver and 18kt gold plate. She draws inspiration from rich textiles, unusual shapes, her love for colourful art and vintage treasures from the past.

Living between London and New York city, whilst also travelling the world for the finest stones, Denise has combined her artistic talent and style with years of business and fashion experience to create her on-trend, iconic collections.

Founded and operated by Denise Manning