Givfi, Inc.

Employer donation matching has been proven to help with retention – employees who engage in corporate matching programs have 75% longer tenures at the company. Givmo was designed to automate the entire employer donation matching process while also garnering significantly higher participation rates from employees with a user-friendly mobile app that utilizes social incentives to encourage more giving.

Founded and operated by Jonathan Lesh, DMSB’14

Shine Design Company

The Shine Brand is a clothing & accessory company that promotes exploring the outdoors especially nature. Their philosophy is to be your best self and to build your life on your own terms. It’s a small business based in Boston.

Founded and operated by Nikia Manifold, CPS’12

QwTech Inc

We design and manufacture cute electric products and accessories.

Founded and operated by Bowen Shang, E’19

Find Your/self Boxes

Find Your/self Boxes is a queer-owned, mental health focused, self-care box company, created to promote good mental health, because mental health is something we ALL have. When it comes to mental health struggles or tough days though, people don’t always know what to do or what to say. Opening the door to talk about mental health doesn’t come with a guide. Find Your/self Boxes serves as an easy way for people to send love and care to those in their life who may be struggling or who need a little pick me up, by offering customizable and curated self-care boxes, filled with research backed wellness products that promote healing. Our goal is to make real self-care for real people. Self-care isn’t all green smoothies and lotus poses, it’s about finding the things that make a person feel well and helping them incorporate those things into their daily life.

Founded by Mallory Gothelf, S 2017

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Banzo Brands

We mindfully innovate to offer access to inclusive snack choices that are good for both you and the planet. Banzo Butter is our flagship product, which is a garbanzo bean spread that mimics the taste and texture of nut butter, but WITHOUT the top 14 food allergens or gluten. It is also vegan!

Founded by Amy Andes, S 2017

Use code HUSKY10 for a 10% discount through December 31, 2022.

Fungi Prints

Fungi Prints consists of apparel that has handmade, block-printed, original art printed onto it. With a lot of care and effort, I hand carved the prints out of linoleum blocks and use different fabric printing ink to transfer the designs to the apparel. I have sold many t-shirts and other items on my Depop shop, where I was able to produce made to order items and ship them to the buyers.

Founded and operated by Ava DiMauro, S’25

Sigma Lab Consulting

Using the DMAIC model, we partner with stakeholders to define and prioritize operational challenges negatively impacting your team. We help teams increase productivity and eliminate waste by applying Lean Six Sigma principles to workflows in life sciences.

Founded and operated by Lawrence Wong, E’13.

serviceMob, Inc.

serviceMob is a customer service analytics platform that provides performance metrics to front-line agents, front-office executives, and everyone in between. Our analytical capabilities allow customer service to gain valuable insight into their operation, helping them identify areas in which they can improve. serviceMob’s analytics take the complexity out of customer service oeprating by unifying data from the multitude of software and technologies utilized in customer service and housing in a one-stop-shop for performance management. Users of our platform achieve significant results in cost optimization, revenue retention, and higher customer satisfaction.

Founded and operated by Stephen Gillis, DMSB’20.

Massage Ink Elite

Massage business providing sports, Swedish, pregnant and Thai massage.

Founded and operated by Myrca Augustin, CPS’13.

110 Fitness

110 Fitness is the first of its kind inclusive wellness center for individuals afflicted with disease and/or a developmental or physical disability. The mission of 110 Fitness is to leave no person behind so that they may reach their full potential physically, mentally, and spiritually by inspiring them to give their 110% effort in order to find the greatest balance in their lives. By combining physical exercise with ancillary mindful and wellness programs our members are provided with all the supports necessary to “Be 110”.

Founded and operated by Brett Miller, BHS’95