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Volunteer Spotlight: Young Alumni Advisory Board

We asked Selecca Bulgar-Medina, a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Board, why she volunteers and stays engaged with the Northeastern community.

How did your Northeastern Experience influence your career path and motivate you to volunteer as an alumna? 
I have always believed that taking pride in one’s community and being an active citizen are very important – and Northeastern afforded me with opportunities to explore avenues by which I could make these values integral features of my future career. My Northeastern experience has taught me that the learning process is perpetual and it consists of much more than pure academics. The university’s diverse faculty, worldly student body, and co-op opportunities provided invaluable exposure to new ways of thinking, diverse viewpoints, and hands-on experiences. Northeastern was the key to fostering my professional growth and led me to a career in public policy, where every day is a new challenge and an opportunity to be an active citizen. The Northeastern community is one that I take great pride in, and volunteering is a perfect way for me to show that pride. Volunteering as an alumna affords me the ability to give back to the university, albeit in a minute way.

What do you do in Boston? What do you like to do in your free time?
I am a consultant at a Boston-based public policy firm that primarily focuses on Massachusetts legislative and regulatory issues affecting industries such as energy and health care. In my free time, I love to ski, visit local breweries, check out restaurants (especially authentic Asian cuisine – that is “my jam”) and participate in civic/political volunteer opportunities.

You express a need for a “husky for life” culture and that learning should be a lifelong endeavor. What Northeastern resources do you recommend for aspiring lifelong learners?
My personal favorite is the Myra Kraft Open Classroom Series, a semester-long public policy course that is free and open to the public – each course focuses on a specific political issue or policy concern. It also features public officials, policy experts/professionals and other community stakeholders as guest lecturers.

I also recommend checking out Lifelong Learning: On Demand content and the Huskies Hands-On series. If you’re looking to gain exposure to new skills (or brush up on current ones), Lifelong Learning: On Demand is an online resource that provides free content from faculty and industry experts on a variety of topics ranging from data analytics to public health. If you just want to learn a fun new activity, the Huskies Hands-On series offers great introductions to various activities such as salsa dancing, making homemade ravioli from scratch, and even calligraphy!

What has been your favorite OAR event or program? How do you think the YAAB can help engage fellow alumni?
My favorite OAR event is the monthly 1st Thursday cocktail mixer. The diverse crowd and low-key environment provide a great, casual opportunity to catch up with friends, reconnect with faculty, or professionally network with fellow alumni.

I think the YAAB can help engage fellow alumni by serving as a personal, live resource. We have the ability to reach out directly to friends, colleagues, etc. who are alumni and introduce them to a diverse selection of OAR resources and events that are geared towards their professional and personal interests. We also have the ability to present OAR with ideas from our fellow alumni. Providing a voice and bringing ideas to fruition is a great way to engage alumni.

FUN FACT: If a movie was made of your life, what genre would it be? Who would play you?
It would definitely be a comedy where everything goes completely awry but always works out well in the end. I think someone comical like Aisha Tyler or Tracee Ellis Ross would play me.

FUN FACT: If you won a million dollars what would you buy?
I would purchase two properties for hosting my family and friends – one in North Conway, NH for ski season and one on the Cape for beach season.

Contact Information
LinkedIn: Selecca Bulgar-Medina