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Volunteer Spotlight: Northern California Community Leader

We asked Peggy Gibbons, a volunteer in our Northern California Community a few questions about why she volunteers, and what advice she has for others.

Peggy Gibbons, a 2007 graduate of Northeastern’s former College of Arts and Sciences, is now an active volunteer and leader in the Northern California Community. Her great experience at Northeastern as well as her pride in the university’s continued accomplishments, motivates her to give back through service.

“I want to continue the momentum and do my part to help Northeastern stay a leader in top tier higher education.”

Gibbons believes that volunteering has strengthened her connection to Northeastern and has especially seen an increased commitment from the Office of Alumni Relations in getting alumni involved in local communities around the world.

“The staff is great, responsive, generous, and caring; they do everything they can to make you feel appreciated even when you are located across the country.”

Gibbons is consistently impressed by the quality and maturity of alumni she meets and likes to hear about their experiences, majors, and where they are now.  She especially loves talking Boston sports with other loyal members of Red Sox Nation.

When she started volunteering, she worked the Northeastern University table at college fairs in nearby high schools, receiving more and more visitors each year at the table. Just a few years back, they were placed in the same section as the Ivy Leagues.

“Many students came up and said that Northeastern was their first choice. I was proud standing there, smiling at the future students and alumni, imagining all the great things they could accomplish!”

Volunteering has been very rewarding for Gibbons as she helps plan events in Northern California. She organized a successful alumni hike last fall, with a group ranging in class years. They all had a chance to talk in a smaller setting and left motivated to stay connected.

With final words of wisdom for fellow Huskies interested in getting involved, Gibbons says “Anything you can do is appreciated. From organizing an event to simply attending and making newer alumni feel more comfortable, there is something for everyone and all schedules. Just do what you can, and it contributes to the overall goal.”

published October 2017