Natalie Noack

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Founded and operated by Natalie Noack, NUSL’ 19

Financial Advisor – Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual partners with successful professionals and families to help them establish financial freedom. By laying out their short term goals and long-term dreams and working in a consultative manner to help build a tangible bridge to achieve these goals. Northwester Mutual provides full comprehensive planning that includes risk management, task mitigation and wealth accumulation strategies. I engage with my clients on a regular basis throughout the year to ensure we are pivoting and adjusting their plan as needed in order to be most effective.

Founded and operated by Nicole Pesce, DMSB ’12

Kujichagulia Wellness Center

Kujichagulia Wellness Center provide therapeutic interventions and counseling services that facilitate healing from trauma. They strive to reconcile the effects of racial trauma within Black bodies and minds.

Founded and operated by Jerrica Raspberry Lawson, CSSH ’11

Lilith & Co.

Financial Services firm that provides financial education to disenfranchised groups. Advising and consulting to families, professionals and small businesses. FinTech products built for financial institutions.


At Fihri, their mission is clear: ensuring global access to sustainable period products for women and girls. They
approach this commitment through three core initiatives—disaster relief, organizing sustainable period kit
creation events such as Period Palooza, and driving student sponsorship programs. Recognizing that 500
million people worldwide face monthly challenges in accessing period products, hindering their education and
work opportunities, Fihri strives to make a meaningful impact through these essential programs. Join them in
fostering a world where every individual has equitable access to menstrual health resources.

Founded and operated by Ceylan Rowe ’03


GlobeFlow is a company that focuses on connecting people who need help with immigration services, with immigration law firms, and immigration attorneys. GlobeFlow allows international students to help extend their visas, obtain work authorization, and help with possible immigration the the US. Since Northeastern has one of the largest communities international communities in the world, there is a constant demand among students with help regarding immigration services.

Founded and operated by Temirlan Nurtayev, College of Engineering ’26

Lane and Lucia

The founder of Lane and Lucia is a queer, transgender artist and peer coach. Lane and Lucia creates artwork for sale & art licensing for stores like Urban Outfitters, Target, Pac Sun & more. Lane and Lucia is also a Peer Support Coach offering practical solutions, burnout recovery, and emotional support for late in life discovered neurodivergent and queer folks.

Founded and operated by Westley Reed, College of Social Sciences and Humanities ’16

The Paradigm Group Inc.

The Paradigm Group is a small, minority, woman-owned, disadvantaged business enterprise located in a HUBZone. The firm is a consulting company that focuses on providing value through the delivery of exceptional products and services to clientele while embracing the confluence of change. Using industry leading practices, we create tailored solutions to obtain the buy-in of the customer. Our customers best know our team of professionals for our ‘spirit of excellence’ in all that we do! The Organizational standard is the customer first and with our continuous practice we emphasize that honesty, hard-work, and humility as the model for our customer centric focused reputation.

Founded by Angela Fielder SSH ’97

Original Madras Trading Company

Original Madras Trading Company is a 3rd generation family business. While continuing our business of making and supplying both fabrics and garments from southern India to brands around the world through our New York office, we have initiated a new project making a range of clothing using exclusively hand woven cloth. True to the spirit of my grandfather, our handloom project is a way to remind people of the rich origin story of Madras cloth and its profound ties to both the American and Indian societies and their two tremendously distinct and yet interwoven cultures.

Founded by Prasan Shah SSH 2016

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JunePeak Marketing Group

JunePeak is a marketing company that helps businesses tell their story! They create dynamic websites, compelling social media content, and automation workflows to help you grow and scale your business, and have worked with companies in fitness, cosmetology, landscaping, SaaS, and more!

Founded and operated by Vishnu Kasireddy, DMSB 2023