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Volunteer Spotlight: Young Alumni Advisory Board

We asked Michael Green, a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Board, why he volunteers and stays engaged with the Northeastern community.

As a dedicated alumnus, you like to come back to speak to business classes about your professional and co-op experiences. Why is this important to you? 
As an undergrad I was interested in what opportunities were available to me outside of just academics. I knew that the network I built while at Northeastern was going to be just as important as the the degree that I was graduating with. It is now my turn to give back to students who were just like me. The Northeastern community is as vast as it is impressive. I encourage students to use this to their advantage.

What do you do in Boston? What do you like to do in your free time? 
I am the executive director of a local business association and nonprofit that focusses on economic modeling for climate policy. It takes up a majority of my time but I push myself to have a good work life balance. When I am not with my awesome dog Joey and future wife, I spend a lot of time thinking about hockey. As a proud #HockeyGuy, I try to go to as many games as possible. The Northeastern program is turning out some amazing student athletes and we are fortunate to have access to Mathews Arena a historic hockey program.

I understand you just traveled to Geneva and were able to connect with the dialogue and alumni event. Tell me about it and how you were connected? 
As a NGO observer to the United Climate Change Conference of Parties, I get to travel around the globe and talk about climate and energy policy. Professor Denise Garcia invited me to share my experience with the students and answer their questions about the Paris agreement and the UNFCCC process. I was blown away by how much the students already knew. I look forward to turning this trip into a tradition with the program.

What was your favorite event or program hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations? 
My favorite was the Sharks & Chardonnay event last year. The New England Aquarium is a state of the art learning center and attracts researchers from around the world. Getting to walk around at night with fellow alumni and learning about their research was awesome.

FUN FACT: What is your favorite hobby? 
Mountain biking! I love to take the dog for a run as I zip along trails.

FUN FACT: If you could get a yacht what would you call it? 
For Sale. I wouldn’t actually sell it, but I would imagine it would start conversations with very interesting people.

Contact Information
Twitter: @hiketheADK
LinkedIn: Michael Green