Access our archived course in Social Justice to take a sneak peek into how you can gain exposure into the themes and skills associated with a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management.

Course Faculty

Jennifer Lammers is a University lecturer and an expert on the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors.

Bob Prior, EdD is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Master of Sports Leadership and Master of Science in Leadership programs.

Lori Ashline, JD is an Assistant teaching professor in the Master of Science in Nonprofit Management program and a lawyer admitted to the Massachusetts bar.


  • Week 1: Budgeting Basics featuring Jennifer Lammers


    • Gain an overview of the processes an organization might go through in order to assess program impact and determine profitability.
    • Explain and explore how a board should handle potential conflicts of interest whilst honoring the best interests of the nonprofit.
    • Learn to identify which types of programs and services are likely to be eligible for government contract funding.


    View this week’s videos in less than one hour!

    Supporting Materials

    » National Council of Nonprofits
    Using the link above, review the resources available at “Budgeting for Nonprofits” from the National Council of Nonprofits.
    » Wallace Foundation
    A note from Jennifer Lammers, “Many of the financial materials included on the Wallace Foundation’s website, were created by Fiscal Management Associates, an accounting and financial services firm with which I worked as lead trainer for a number of years. While I did not create these specific materials, much of my approach to budgeting and fiscal management was shaped by my experiences working with FMA’s accountants and finance professionals. Please use these as a guide in your daily professional careers.”
    » Budgeting: A Guide for Small Nonprofit Organizations
    This 8 page guideline will provide you with suggestions for selecting a budget committee, how to build a budget for positive cash flow, and how to set budget priorities.

  • Week 2: Assessing Impact and Examining Conflicts of Interesting featuring Jennifer Lammers and Lori Ashline


    • Examine the processes an organization might go through in order to assess program impact and determine profitability.
    • Learn how to recognize the fundamental components of a Matrix Map.
    • Explore how to identify conflict of interests and excess benefit transactions.
    • Explain the consequences of excess benefit transactions.


    View this week’s videos in less than one hour!

    Supporting Materials

    » Excess Benefit Transactions
    Review the exploration of private inurement and how to determine if there has been an excess benefit transaction within an organization.
    » Funding Opportunity Assessment Tool
    Review the Funding Opportunity Assessment Tool created by FMA. This tool is another way of bridging questions regarding mission relevance, financial return & sustainability, and capacity.

    Important information for the following two documents: These materials are intended to provide only a general summary and overview of these topics as they pertain to public charities that have been granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. These materials are not to be considered legal advice applicable to any particular situation, and organizations and individuals needing specific advice and
    counsel on these matters should always consult with knowledgeable counsel.

    » Conflict of Interest form

    » “The Private Inurement Prohibition, Excess Compensation, Intermediate Sanctions, and the IRS’s Rebuttable Presumption: A Basic Primer for 501(c)(3) Public Charities

  • Week 3: Earned Revenue via Government Contracts featuring Jennifer Lammers & Rick Arrowood


    • Identify the various organizational forms that play an active role in setting the social change agenda.
    • Describe what types of programs and services are likely to be eligible for government contract funding.
    • Explain the difference between Federal Grants and local state and municipal grants.
    • Discuss the management benefits and challenges associated with seeking out and maintaining government contracts.


                        View this week’s videos in less than 40 minutes!

    Supporting Materials

    » How to Figure out the Differences among Types of Federal Grants by Beverly A. Browning for information on the relationship between Federal Awards and contracts with or grants from local and municipal governments.
    » Read the Urban Institute’s 2015 research report Nonprofit-Government Contracts & Grants: The State Agency Perspective for a detailed look at the often fraught relationship between state agencies and nonprofit organizations.

    Bonus videos

    This month’s bonus videos feature Jarrod Chin, University adjunct professor and Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Partners Health. The following content is a new course offering under the Master of Sports Leadership program called, “Bystander Strategies for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence”. These videos will provide the viewer with a better understanding of the Bystander Approach, as well as the MVP program.

    » A History of the MVP program
    » The Bystander Philosophy
    click the links above to view the videos on our YouTube channel

  • Interactive Session with Jennifer Lammers

    View the recording of the interactive session with University lecturer Jennifer Lammers.


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