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Emerging Trends in Regulatory Affairs

  • An introduction to select regulatory affairs topics of emerging interest
  • An overview of public policy surrounding the utilization of approved cannabis and gene therapy biopharmaceutical products for non-approved indications
  • • Explore the ramifications of emerging regulatory affairs topics on public health concerns including reimbursement, “right to try”, and pricing

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Winning with your Talent Management Strategy

  • Evaluate the methods, tools, and best practices used for managing and developing employees effectively
  • Explore basic employee engagement strategies for an organization
  • Examine the approach in data analysis to support an existing HR initiative, incorporating the necessary factors for planning, analysis, selecting metrics, and collecting data

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Law Basics 101: Understanding Law and the Legal System

  • Learn how to carefully read and analyze a legal opinion
  • Examine the various ways that the Supreme Court applies the constitution to cases
  • Describe the major underpinnings of a Living Constitution v. Originalism

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Security and Resilience

  • Explore the core principles in the fields of security and resilience
  • Learn how the US and other governments have managed terrorism
  • Examine the ways that coastal cities have responded to rising seas and climate change

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  • Understand the fundamentals of innovation strategies and the phases of the development process.
  • Explore design thinking.
  • Learn from the common mistakes incumbents make when faced with disruptive technological change, and what they can do to avoid them.

Begin the Innovation course now.


Analytics of all Industries

  • Explore the evolution of big data and its functions.
  • Learn how data is an important source for decision-guiding insights.
  • Understand key informational design concepts, with an emphasis on the relationship between information and audience.

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Communicating Strategically for Success

  • Identify and evaluate the core elements of a strategic communication plan.
  • Learn how to leverage individual and organizational strengths to develop sound communication strategies.
  • Understand the critical communication skills and competencies that professionals need to develop in the digital era.

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Leading Projects in an Ever-Changing Environment

  • Understand core components of various communication forms and styles essential to project leadership success.
  • Assess the importance of assessing the impact of organizational communication culture.
  • Explore trends in technologies for remote team success and understand key concepts in leading remote teams.

Begin the Leading Projects in an Ever-Changing Environment course now.


Project Management

  • Gain an introduction into the principles and practices that assist a project manager.
  • Learn what items should be included in a risk register.
  • Tips towards developing a quality toolset and leading a project in a culturally diverse atmosphere.

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Data Analytics

  • Develop investigative skills around gathering data from sources such as cell phone records, social media posts, and digitized historical records.
  • Learn how big data and 311 call centers help cities across the country.
  • Gain tips towards propelling your professional career in innovation.

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Urban Health

  • Understand the definitions of public health and how they are defined.
  • Address the importance of social justice and urbanization as they relate to health amongst urban populations.
  • Investigate the role that goals, objectives, standards, mission statements, and evaluations play within the program development process.

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Social Justice

  • Gain an overview of the processes an organization might go through in order to assess program impact and determine profitability.
  • Learn to identify which types of programs and services are likely to be eligible for government contract funding.
  • Discuss the management benefits and challenges associated with seeking out and maintaining government contracts.

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Computer Science and Technology

  • Gain an introduction to R, which is a powerful statistical programming language.
  • Create and manipulate scalars, vectors, data sets, arrays, and data frames.
  • Explore perception methods, such as limited-hold memory task, detecting change, peripheral drift, and pre-attentive detection.

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Education and Learning

  • Learn about what it means to have “Equity in Education.”
  • Connect economic inequality with culture, equity, power, and influence.
  • Understand how various dimensions of organizational social structure interrelate and affect organizational effectiveness.

Begin the Education and Learning course now.

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