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Volunteer Spotlight: Young Alumni Advisory Board

We asked Keith Dunn, a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Board, why he volunteers and stays engaged with the Northeastern community.

Which involvements at Northeastern shaped your experience the most?
Definitely my coop experiences. I was able to gain well rounded exposure to different fields of pharmacy, ranging from retail, managed care, and pharmaceutical development. I know that these experiences helped me define my own career trajectory, and helped me compete for a position in the pharmaceutical industry shortly after finishing my residency.

What do you do now in Philadelphia? 
I live in Philadelphia, with my fiance, Derek and our Doberman, Brooklyn. I moved from Boston to Philly in 2013 to take a home office position with Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson. In my current role as Associate Medical Director, I help support further study of HIV medications to help address the needs of patients living in the US. I am privileged to work for a company that focuses its efforts on meeting the needs of patients.  When Derek and I aren’t traveling for work or play, we like to spend our time in Bethany Beach, DE or Stonington, CT where our families have homes close to the ocean! Surf’s Up!

You mentioned understanding the importance of lifelong learning for personal and professional development. What Northeastern resources do you recommend? 
I am quite impressed by the Continuing Education Department led by the School of Pharmacy. While I’m not actually practicing pharmacy, I still keep my Massachusetts license active. Anita Young has built an amazing system that targets the most relevant topics in Pharmacy and I know that I can trust the information presented by the amazing Northeastern faculty!

FUN FACT: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Still on my list is Tahiti. I want to simply sit in a bungalow over the water, with a floor made of glass, and watch the fish swim all day long. My fiance and I have booked our honeymoon for September 2017 and will be making our way to Bora Bora.

FUN FACT: What is your favorite movie quote? 
“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are… it is our choices.”-Dumbledore, from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Contact Information:
Twitter: @PharmDNU
LinkedIn: Keith Dunn