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Northeastern alumni breaking ‘new grounds’

Johnny Fayad, DMSB’17, and Ali Kothari, DMSB’17, are co-founders of New Grounds Food, a health food start-up based in Boston and the proud founder of the CoffeeBar.


The idea was born when Johnny and Ali were constantly running late to their 8 a.m. financial accounting class without time to eat a nutritious breakfast or, more importantly, drink their coffee.

They wondered, “Why can’t you eat your coffee?” and set out to make it possible. After feeding their friends a product they made in the White Hall community kitchen, they were awarded $10,000 in gap funding from IDEA, Northeastern’s student-run venture accelerator program. With the funds, Johnny and Ali produced their first jumbo batch of CoffeeBars in the Commonwealth Kitchen. The CoffeeBar is a 100 percent organic energy bar infused with a full cup of fair-trade coffee. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

In September 2014, they launched a Kickstarter raising $44,000 to create two additional flavors. The dynamic duo has sold more than 200,000 CoffeeBars throughout all 50 states and a number of different countries.

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published May 2016