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Volunteer Spotlight: Young Alumni Advisory Board

We asked John Leo, a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Board, why he volunteers and stays engaged with the Northeastern community.

1. How did your Northeastern experience influence your career path and motivate you to volunteer and give back?
My time at Northeastern shaped who I am today. I was able to pursue my passions through co-ops and determine what career path I would take. Service has also been a large part of my time at Northeastern. I was a Husky Ambassador and a Resident Assistant and I loved connecting people with the available opportunities at Northeastern. I love to share my Northeastern experience with fellow alumni, and work to continue to fortify the global and diverse network this university embodies.

What do you do in Boston? What do you like to do in your free time?
I work for Oracle as an Operations Program Manager. In the hardware division, I am responsible for managing all operational aspects and the supply chain for two server platforms. In my free time, you generally can find me outdoors. I train for marathons, hike, rock climb, camp, and love to travel.

What was your favorite event or program at Northeastern? How do you think the YAAB can help engage fellow alumni?
My favorite Alumni event has been the Beyond the Brew series. The main role of the YAAB is to engage young alumni that normally would not participate and get involved on their own. We aim to be a resource to connecting young alumni with opportunities to engage with the university.

For alumni looking to expand and utilize their Northeastern Network, where do you recommend they start?
I believe the most important step is participation. Alumni need to make an effort to attend a few events each year and connect with someone new at each. Take any opportunity to connect with fellow Huskies to share academic and professional experiences. Personally, I would suggest attending events that interest you and provide you a common interest with those that are attending.

FUN FACT: If you could teleport where would you go?

FUN FACT: What is one food you wouldn’t give up?

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