Golden Graduate Weekend is a proud tradition at Northeastern University. From the excitement and prestige of Commencement to the 50th Reunion Dinner Celebration, the weekend is full of wonderful experiences building on a lifetime of memories.  See what past Golden Graduate attendees had to say about their experience.

“I was at first skeptical about participating in the activities because only one of the 1968 graduates I knew would be attending. Once I arrived, I connected with any number of graduates from the class of 1968, even though I did not previously know them. We connected in the hotel, at events,  and even on the streets of Boston. This was an extraordinary weekend.”

Charles Crenshaw, E’68

“Golden Graduates that have the opportunity to attend should do so. You earned it and may never get the chance to do it again. Entering the TD Garden with all the graduates welcoming us was a proud moment.”

– Frank Manganiello, LC’65, UC’70

“It was an enjoyable way to reconnect with the past, and to witness the growth of Northeastern over the last five decades.”

– Gerry Raphel, DMSB’66

“I was very impressed with the planning, organization, and hospitality connected with the weekend. We came from Pittsburgh and thought it was a very worthwhile trip.”

– Frederick O’Brien, DMSB’67

“My favorite moment from the weekend was meeting all those wonderful people with Northeastern University history that I had never met before!”

– Ann Butler, LA’65

“I was very moved by the Commencement Ceremony and the respectful way that we were treated. It is something that I will always remember.”

– Phil Pruchansky, E’67

“A once in a lifetime opportunity to reconnect with the University that was the pathway to our professional futures. Sharing this experience, even with fellow Golden Graduates we did not know, was a really special bonus I did not expect.”

– Rich Rudman, LA’66

“The commencement speeches by President Aoun and the keynote speaker were so positive and inspiring that I will remember them always. Our fellow Golden Graduates were joyful, exciting, and inspiring, with a wonderful positive, and thankful attitude.”

– William Dever, E’57

“It was very special to attend the graduation ceremony and watch the future leaders of our country graduate. Also, as Golden Graduates, we were treated as special attendees which was nice.”

– Patrick Rivelli, E’59

“I would definitely recommend for others to attend. The events are wonderful experiences, and it was great seeing old classmates and now being able to keep connected.”

– Grace Zajac Garcia, LA’66

“When I first arrived, I knew only a couple of people and I felt awkward. But within minutes fellow alumni came to me, looked at my name tag, easy conversations evolved, and a certain bonding began. After all, we were all 50 years removed from graduation and our commonality was felt ever more strongly with each event that followed. I made new friends – which I didn’t see coming, and that bond is special.”

– Richard “Dick” Trust, LA’67

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