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From Co-op Mentor to Friend

The Northeastern Network is expansive and powerful, offering friendly advice, support, and opportunities to those who seek it.

In August 2014, Matt Flannery, DMSB’89 and Dan Concessi, DMSB’16, a co-op student at the time, signed up for the New York City Co-op Mentor Program. Both working in the NYC finance industry, they were selected as an alumnus/student pair and hit it off right away. Throughout the semester, they formed a genuine relationship that positively impacted their career paths and personal lives.

Fast forward to 2017, and now both Flannery and Concessi are working together as alumni volunteer leaders for the program.

At the end of each program cycle, Matt Flannery stays in contact with most of his mentees. “It is pretty cool to see them succeed in very demanding jobs, plus continue to seek out my advice and share what they are doing.” Serving as New York City Community leader and mentor for the NYC Co-op Mentor Program, he feels volunteering gives him a purpose and opportunity to give back to Northeastern in a way that can’t be measured monetarily. Motivated by past teachers and coaches, Flannery recounted “in my life, I have been very lucky to know many talented people who took the time to share their experiences and life points [and] many of those stories and lessons I still carry with me today.”

Matt and Dan’s co-op mentorship had a lasting impact and when Dan Concessi graduated in May 2016, he decided to return to New York City, but this time as an alumni mentor. Flannery in turn, was “super psyched that Dan chose to be a mentor. He has a lot to offer and I take small pride in thinking I may have influenced his decision.”

Concessi knows exactly what it feels like to be a co-op student in unknown territory and wants to assist students who might be looking for advice or a trusted mentor during their stay in New York City. He is passionate about promoting the program to fellow alumni and thinks mentorship can reach far beyond the obligatory coffee meetings and develop into a meaningful friendship. He even continues to play basketball with his most recent mentee (now friend).

Final words of wisdom from Matt and Dan:

“Seeing other people succeed, and knowing that you had a small part in making that happen, is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is an amazing feeling, and until you try, you will never know.” –Matt Flannery, DMSB’89

“To any huskies that are looking to get involved, I urge you to hurry up and sign up, because there really is no reason not to! Doing this program is a no-brainer, and will turn into something fun and rewarding if you let it!” –Dan Concessi, DMSB’16

published July 2017