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04.07.21 | 6:30PM ET

Author Event with Qian Julie Wang

Join us on April 7 to hear from Qian Julie Wang, an author, speaker and litigator. Qian Julie will share an exclusive reading from her literary memoir about growing up undocumented in New York City, and engage in a discussion about the recent spate of anti-Asian violence, and how the model minority myth affects the advancement of Asian Americans in the legal profession.

04.07.21 | 10AM EDT

Global Health Mentoring – Importance, Relevance, and Possibilities

In recognition all health professionals and in celebration of World Health Day, this event will focus on global health mentoring. It will particularly explore the necessary skills in the global health environment, the role of global public health mentoring as an agent of development, and the importance of emphasizing a global perspective in healthcare.

04.06.21 | 12:00PM CT

Chicago’s Riverwalk

Chicago Architecture Center docent Michelle Woods covered the history of the Chicago Riverwalk project, and highlighted some features of this unique park – at the bottom of a ‘canyon’ of world-famous architecture.

4.6.21 | 11-11:45am

Meet Rising Professionals, Share Your Expertise, & Connect with the Next Generation of Talent

Would you like to connect with rising professionals who have the talents, skills, and leadership abilities to help you build tomorrow’s workforce? We invite you to explore the possibilities through an array of programs designed to help your company achieve its talent goals by engaging with our students in a variety of ways that let you share your expertise, connect with the next generation of talent and solve business challenges. Join us to find out how you can partner with Northeastern University to: Sponsor short-term project experiences, host co-op opportunities, provide mentorship and share career advice or share domain expertise as a panelist or guest speaker in a workshop or seminar.