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11.18.20 | 12 - 1 PM ET

NU@Noon: Molecular Events in the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Lee Makowski, Professor and Chair, Department of Bioengineering, discusses how we are using novel imaging tools in an attempt to better understand these processes and uncover clues to design effective therapeutic strategies for slowing or halting disease progression.

11.10.20 | 5:30PM ET

Leading in the Community and Supporting our Vulnerable Populations

Northeastern University School of Nursing presented the 3rd Annual Future of Nursing Event: Leading in the Community and Supporting our Vulnerable Populations. Nursing leader, Dr. Pooja Bhalla, DNP’16, MS’14, presented her journey and unique perspective on the challenges faced by the homeless and other vulnerable populations during COVID-19. The event featured opening remarks by Bouvé College of Health Sciences Dean Carmen Sceppa, School of Nursing Dean Maria van Pelt and a special guest welcome by Dr. Marybeth Pompei, Sr. Vice President, Exergen Corporation. The event’s co-moderators were Dr. Laura Mylott, Clinical Professor and Director, MS Nursing Administration and Dr. Janet Rico, Assistant Dean, Nursing Graduate Programs, Northeastern School of Nursing.

11.10.20 | 12:00PM ET

NU@Noon: Update on the Roux Institute at Northeastern

Margaret Angell, Head of Partnerships and Operations, Chris Mallett, Chief Administrative Officer, and Michael Pollastri, Senior Vice Provost for Portland; Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology discuss the Roux Institute’s progress to date and the impact the Institution is having on the local community.

11.09.20 | 6:30PM EST

COVID-19: Law and Social Justice Community Conversation – Vaccines and Equitable Access

Part of the COVID-19: Law and Social Justice Community Conversation series, join Professors Brook Baker and Jonathan Kahn on the topic of making vaccines accessible. This virtual series will be held weekly on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm ET.

11.5.20 | 6:00PM ET

Northeast Alumni in Healthcare Networking Hour

Northeastern alumni in health care came together to discuss their career paths, learn about professional opportunities, provide guidance to others, and discuss the impact of our unique times on the industry. This networking session was a great opportunity for those established in their positions, looking for their next step, or curious about how to enter the field.

11.05.20 | 6 PM ET

NU Athletics in a New Era: Resiliency

The panel will address the current outlook for the athletic year and the challenges faced in order to provide our student-athletes with the opportunities to continue competition. 

11.05.20 | 12:00PM ET

NU@Noon: History on Huntington Ave.

Dianna Bronchuk, MS’19, Program Coordinator, Office of Alumni Relations gave a virtual look at Northeastern University’s landmarks—some still standing and some now gone—and how the Boston campus has transformed from its humble beginnings in the YMCA Boston, to purchasing the Massachusetts Horticultural Hall last year.

11.03.20 | 10:30AM EDT

How are the Students Doing?: Identifying Mental and Physical Health Concerns and Strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join the Northeastern University School of Nursing and the School Health Academy at their voting day virtual conference. Hear from educational leaders on the mental and physical health concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. This event provides 4 contact hours and 4 PDP’s.

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