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10.19.20 | 6:30PM EDT

COVID-19: Law and Social Justice Community Conversation – Carceral Systems

As part of the COVID-19: Law and Social Justice Community Conversation series, Professor Leo Beletsky discussed the topic of the carceral systems.

10.17.20 | 8:00AM ET

Northeastern University Virtual Graduate Open House

Attendees had the opportunity to meet and connect with faculty, staff, students, and admissions representatives to learn more about how Northeastern could help their academic journey and career.

10.16.20 | 9:00AM ET

CLIC Annual Conference: Exploring the Future of Governance Through Intellectual Property and Technology Regulation

Intellectual property and technology are transforming democracy and its baseline of inclusivity and access to promote equal justice. What are the complex forces driving change and what do we need to know to ensure that democracy thrives in these unchartered territories? Discussions in this conference from The Center for Law, Innovation and Creativity (CLIC) concerned transparency and innovation in health and medicine, election law, free speech and data privacy.

10.15.20 | 2:00PM ET

Nardone Seminar: How to Write Articles for Managerial Journals such as CMR, HBR, and SMR

Many researchers are interested in publishing in managerial journals because these, rather than academic journals, are read by practitioners. But many are frustrated by the process of getting into practitioner journals such as California Management Review, Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. In particular, many do not understand, first, how to design studies with output of interest to managers, second, how to write for a managerial journal, and third, how to get accepted.

10.15.20 | 12:00PM EDT

Performing Data: A Story of Mutualism?

The Department of Theatre and the Center for Design are converging to tackle this open-issue and explore an interdisciplinary research approach to transforming data. Join us for an open conversation with award winning Information Designer, Federica Fragapane, about her work across information design and humanities and how she has combined the fields of Theatre and Design.

09.30.20 | 12:00PM EDT

Uncovering Untraditional Career Paths within Architecture

While most students who study architecture will go on to become licensed architects and practice professionally in the field, there are many alternatives. This program will provide students and recent graduates the opportunity to hear from Northeastern School of Architecture alumni who have created unique career paths, offering inspiration and advice to those seeking to move on beyond the traditional architecture path.

9.25.20 | 8:00AM ET

Women in the Law Conference

The twelfth annual Women in the Law Conference was presented by the Northeastern University School of Law. This conference provided career guidance and professional development growth to women attorneys and other professionals at all stages of their careers and brought together powerful decisionmakers from Massachusetts, Alaska, Canada, California, Illinois, New York, Washington, DC, and beyond. The keynote speaker was Michele Coleman Mayes, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for the New York Public Library.

8.29.20 | 1:00PM ET

Zine Making with Aiden Nguyen of Vănguard & the Dorchester Art Project

Inspired by the punk and zine culture in New York City, the cofounders of Vănguard traveled to Việt Nam in 2014 where they ignited a queer revolution using handmade zines. In this workshop, they will give a brief history of zines, reflect on their journey to Việt Nam, and show you technical skills to make your own digital zine masterpiece.

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