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9.30.2020 | 6:00PM ET

Education as Critical Infrastructure for a Resilient Recovery

The Global Resilience Institute (GRI) presented its recent work with FEMA. The featured panelists were Stephen Flynn, director of the GRI; and Alicia Sasser Modestino, research director for the Dukakis Center. This was part of the Fall 2020 Myra Kraft Open Classroom.

9.24.20 | 5:00PM ET

Original Animated Film and an Exploration of Archived Survivor Testimony

This was a screening of two student presentations: The 2019-2020 Gideon Klein project, an original animated film by Yael Sheinfeld ’21, based on a children’s book, The Children’s Tree of Terezin; and a presentation by Jessie Sigler ’20 about her project to increase accessibility to the Northeastern Holocaust Awareness Archives, especially the trove of survivor testimonies. This was part of the postponed 2020 Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Week presented by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern.

9.18.20 | 12:50PM ET

The Battle for Voting Rights in 2020

The Northeastern University School of Law kicked off a new annual conference series celebrating the Public Interest Law Scholars Program. Each year, they will focus on scholarship related to a pressing public interest issue. The Battle for Voting Rights in 2020 virtual half-day conference covered several topics including voting purges, threats to polling locations, voter intimidation, machine malfunctions, and voter suppression.

6.20.20 | 12am-11:59pm

Black Health Matters Contact-A-Thon

Black Health Matters is a student-led contact-a-thon fundraiser to raise money for grassroots organizations dedicated to improving the health of Black and LGBTQ+ communities led by Northeastern University Global Health Initiative (NUGHI) in partnership with several other student organizations.

Working Across Cultures – A New Soft Skill in Demand

Struggling with bringing harmony to your diverse team? Don’t understand why your team members react and behave differently? Join Danielle Larsen, DMSB’10, and Rebecca (Becky) Huot, DMSB’11 for an inspiring panel discussion on how to overcome challenges and communication barriers in multinational teams. Learn why cross-cultural communication skill nowadays is the basic and one of […]

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