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07.21.20 | 5:30PM AKDT

Alaska Virtual Happy Hour

The Northeastern University School of Law and its Alaska alumni/ae chapter gathered for a virtual happy hour with special guest Professor Daniel Medwed, University Distinguished Professor of Law and Criminal Justice.

07.20.2020 | 12:00PM ET

Urban Mobility and the Gig Economy: The Future of Urban Life and Work with COVID-19

Social distancing during COVID-19 significantly changed urban mobility and such change has had disproportionate impact in different neighborhoods within urban regions, often linked to their socio-economic demographics. The same infrastructure that supports these urban mobility patterns also supports a precarious yet growing economy driven by algorithms. These ‘gig economy’ jobs such as delivery, mobility services, and care work have been lauded for the ease of entry. This panel explored the effects of the pandemic on urban mobility, how people will interact within new urban regions, and the impact of one of our economy’s newest forms of employment.

7.14.20 | 12-1:30pm

Discover your Business Chemistry® Profile to Build Stronger Relationships and Teams

A team of Northeastern alumni from Deloitte hosted a private and exclusive workshop on the Business Chemistry® framework, which, through a short assessment, identified participants' profile and give language to describe their workstyles. Attendees learned how to use the knowledge of your profile type to adjust your communication and strengthen relationships.

07.09.2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Zoomin’ in on Mary Bonauto L’87

The Northeastern School of Law presented a spotlight on Mary Bonauto, L'87, to talk about Celebrating Recent LGBTQ Victories and Looking Ahead. This event was part of the 'Zoomin' in on' series featuring graduates in a virtual conversation with Mielle Marquis, Northeastern Law's director of external relations.

7.8.20 | 10-11am

Global Perspectives, Latin America

Latin America comprises a vast array of distinct politics, cultures, geographies, and histories. But in recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has created a new common challenge. What are Latin America’s essential elements of resilience, and what will the future hold for its people and its economy?

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