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4.23.20 | 12-1pm

How Data and Technology Can Shape Communities in the 21st Century: A Peek into the World of Urban Informatics

Join Northeastern University's College of Social Sciences and Humanities Graduate Programs and Daniel O’Brien, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Criminology and Criminal Justice, for a virtual classroom experience focused on world of urban Informatics.

4.20.20 | 1-2pm

Climate Action & Social Justice During COVID19: A Time for Transformation

Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Global Resilience Institute hosted a conversation about mobilizing for a better future for all. Massive societal disruption has required us to reconsider many things, including how we prepare for the climate crisis and how we address growing inequities and disparities. In connection with Earth Day 2020’s 50-year celebration of activism, this panel reflected on integrating climate action and social justice into this transformative time.

3.31.20 | 3:30-4:30pm

To Err is Human: Reducing Medication Error in Schools

Do medication errors occur in your schools? (Yes, humans are not perfect.) Does your school/district use a process to reduce risk of errors? In this webinar, presented by the Northeastern University School Health Academy, leaders discussed best practices to this challenging topic.

Working Across Cultures – A New Soft Skill in Demand

Struggling with bringing harmony to your diverse team? Don’t understand why your team members react and behave differently? Join Danielle Larsen, DMSB’10, and Rebecca (Becky) Huot, DMSB’11 for an inspiring panel discussion on how to overcome challenges and communication barriers in multinational teams. Learn why cross-cultural communication skill nowadays is the basic and one of […]

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