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05.02.24 | 12:00PM ET

NU@Noon: Laser Treatment for Ovarian Cancer- Northeastern’s discoveries

Assistant professor of physics and bioengineering Bryan Spring will share with us how they are using light to power a therapy against cancer cells, using lasers to spot and target chemo-resistant cancer cells and boost a patient’s immune system. 

11.03.22 | 12:00PM ET

NU@Noon: From Antiaging Drugs to the Quest for Immortality: An AI Odyssey

Join Ramkumar Hariharan, Data Scientist and Computational Biologist at COE, NU Seattle Campus, as he discusses how we are at a turning point in human longevity research. Learn earn how researchers at Northeastern are using AI technology to help with anti-aging.

10.25.22 | 12:00PM ET

NU@Noon: Enabling Engineering

The NU@Noon Fall program continues with Waleed Meleis, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering! Find out how the Enabling Engineering student group at Northeastern is taking measures to empower individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities through innovative devices.

10.12.22 | 12:00PM ET

NU@Noon: Lesson Learned from COVID:  Diagnostic testing, Biosurveillance, and Biomanufacturing

Kick off the fall NU@Noon program by joining Jared Auclair, Vice Provost of Research Economic Development and Director of Bioinnovation! Learn how Northeastern was able to successfully handle the pandemic by setting up COVID-19 research labs on campus, monitoring new pathogens, and more.

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