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Northeastern Insider Series: Networked University and the Roux Institute

Covid-19 and the New World Order: Prospective from Brazil

This is part of a special series on the impact of COVID-19 around the world. We will leveraged our global network to explore risks, challenges and good practices for preparedness, responsiveness, effectiveness and responsibility in dealing with the public health and economic crisis, and what the future holds in a post-pandemic world.

Our second session focused on Brazil. Led and moderated by Dr. Nikos Passas, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, joined by Jorge Pontes, former Federal Police Chief and Ligia Maura Costa, a tenured Professor of Law and Executive Director of the research center FGVethics at Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo – Fundação Getulio Vargas a, who discussed how COVID-19 has impacted governance and crime in Brazil.