Northeastern Insider Series: Networked University and the Roux Institute

A Local’s View of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Are you looking for a new experience in an unfamiliar part of the world? Join us for a virtual tour of Yogyakarta, the largest city on the island of Java, Indonesia! From the rich history of the city to popular tourist attractions and local cuisine, our Yogyakarta-born and bred tour guide, Rudy Saputra, E’09, will share his favorites and usher this dynamic center of Javanese culture and fine arts straight into your home. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this historic city!

Will International Tourism Bounce Back after COVID-19? A Conversation with Ministers of Bahrain and Indonesia

With vaccinations on the rise and covid restrictions easing across the world, the tourism industry is beginning to recover. View a panel discussion on the impacts of a tourism resurgence in a post-pandemic world, featuring our distinguished panel of experts.

Northeastern is proud to welcome:

His Excellency Zayad al Zayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce & Tourism of Bahrain and Mr. Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Jakarta.

Moderated by Dr. Ravi Ramamurti, Professor of International Business and Strategy at Northeastern

Innovative Solutions to Fight Ocean Pollution

18 billion pounds of plastic enter our oceans each year, a harrowing fact that only accounts for a portion of our planet’s pollution crisis. Northeastern innovators are tackling this problem to create sustainable solutions for cleaner oceans. Bureo Inc, an emerging B-Corp, has created a program to recycle fishing nets into a NetPlus™ material, used in products by Patagonia and other partner companies.  Review the conversation to fight plastic pollution with Ben Kneppers, E’07, co-founder and COO of Bureo Inc., and Maarten Eenkema van Dijk, E’14, MS’15, operations manager for Van Dyk Recycling Solutions.

The Real Game Changer – From Innovation to New Market

Hear from Dr. Prapin Abhinorasaeth on the advancement in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Multi-Functional Mobility (MuM-II) Robots.

COVID-19, Quality of Governance and Crime: Perspectives from Thailand

The ongoing pandemic is testing the quality of governance in countries around the globe and raising questions about the role of elected officials in serving community goals. Crises can serve as opportunities for positive social change, but also entail risks around security and social turmoil, geopolitics, human rights, rule of law, inequalities and food security, among others. They also set apart great leaders, from average ones.

This is one of the special series on the impact of COVID-19 around the world. We leveraged our global network to explore risks, challenges and good practices for preparedness, responsiveness, effectiveness and responsibility in dealing with the public health and economic crisis, and what the future holds in a post-pandemic world.

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