Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Performance – Atlanta

Atlanta Social Hour

Are you interested in meeting fellow Northeastern community members in the Atlanta area? If so, join us at our upcoming social hour at the Fadó Irish Pub! 

Northeastern vs. Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Game

Join the Northeastern Atlanta alumni community for an evening of exciting basketball competition! Watch your Northeastern Huskies men’s basketball team take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in a highly anticipated matchup between two historic programs.

The Power of Social Responsibility

As a social impact strategist, Dr. Ramona Houston is passionate about community engagement and solving social problems. Dr. Houston spoke about the power that we each have within us to make real change in our communities and in the world.

Thoreau’s Walden: Nature, Technology, and Attention

What does Henry David Thoreau’s retreat into the natural world at Walden Pond have to do with our modern culture of distraction and technological immersion? We learned how Thoreau’s interest in the peace of nature was fueled by his distress at the information culture of the 19th century when the telegraph brought news to Americans at a startlingly brisk pace and the railroad moved goods across the country with breathtaking speed. Thoreau is one of our earliest writers about technology overload, and wrote powerfully about the need to rest the mind and retreat from eternally asking, “What news?” We took a look at how Thoreau also understood the possible interweaving of technology into nature, as in his fascination with the telegraph wires and trains that ran right past Walden pond.  

Uncovering the History of American Barbecue

Dr. Howard Conyers is a NASA rocket scientist, historian, and yes, barbecue pitmaster. As the descendent of farmers and barbecuing masters, he decided to dig deeper into the world of BBQ and quickly realized that the contributions of black Americans had been erased from those stories. He is now on a quest to fix the record and share the rich history of how black Americans have made barbecue what it is today. Watch the recording to hear about how Dr. Conyers began his journey and what he has discovered along the way.

Donkeys, Elephants, Bulls, and Bears: How Elections Impact the Stock Market

Are markets more stable when an incumbent is running for reelection? Learn about both the historical trends and what the experts saw in the run up to the 2020 election. Presented by Jeffery Born, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs D’Amore-McKim School of Business and Teresa Rodriguez DMSB’01.