Making a Strong Start in a New Job

Learn how to be savvy about building your reputation from day one of a new job! Alumna Andrea Mascarhenas, DMSB’13, will share advice about how to build a strong relationship with your manager and team, set clear goals and expectations, deliver results, understand office culture, ask for help and feedback, navigate hybrid/remote work and more.

Building an Inclusive Future in Tech

Whether you’re navigating your career or managing/leading in the tech industry, you’ll want to join us to understand critical issues of diversity and inclusion in this field and their implications. 

Second Act Careers

If you’re thinking about how to spend your time during semi-retirement or retirement, discover new possibilities from retirement coach, Nancy Collamer.

She will share inspirational success stories and provide concrete advice about how to profit from your professional expertise, hobbies and personal interests.

Northeastern Insider Series: Networked University and the Roux Institute

NU@Noon: Meet the Deans – NU on the West Coast

With campuses from Boston to Vancouver, Northeastern is broadening its footprint as a global research university.
Join Hillary Mickell, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Regional Dean and CEO, and Dave Thurman, Dean and CEO of Northeastern in Seattle as they report out on resources and updates across the school’s hubs. There will be a question-and-answer session to follow.

Solving Antibiotic Resistance

It’s hard to imagine a world without powerful antibiotics to combat infection or to make life-saving medical interventions like surgery and cancer treatment possible. This amazing scientific discovery has changed our lives in countless ways. But, the long- term overuse and mis-use of antibiotics has contributed to an alarming rise in antibiotic resistance, which threatens the health of our global ecosystem.

Hear from biology professors Kim Lewis and Eddie Geisinger to discuss how scientists are working to discover new antibiotics and seeking novel ways to treat and eradicate some of our most aggressive infectious diseases. You’ll also learn about ground-breaking inventions and unique research strategies that have contributed to sophisticated advances in drug development for infectious disease.

Part of the College of Science Connects: The Good Power of Science series. Originally aired on January 12, 2022. Learn more about the research here.

Thoreau’s Walden: Nature, Technology, and Attention

What does Henry David Thoreau’s retreat into the natural world at Walden Pond have to do with our modern culture of distraction and technological immersion? We learned how Thoreau’s interest in the peace of nature was fueled by his distress at the information culture of the 19th century when the telegraph brought news to Americans at a startlingly brisk pace and the railroad moved goods across the country with breathtaking speed. Thoreau is one of our earliest writers about technology overload, and wrote powerfully about the need to rest the mind and retreat from eternally asking, “What news?” We took a look at how Thoreau also understood the possible interweaving of technology into nature, as in his fascination with the telegraph wires and trains that ran right past Walden pond.  

Career Agility Meets the Job Search

A Local’s View of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Are you looking for a new experience in an unfamiliar part of the world? Join us for a virtual tour of Yogyakarta, the largest city on the island of Java, Indonesia! From the rich history of the city to popular tourist attractions and local cuisine, our Yogyakarta-born and bred tour guide, Rudy Saputra, E’09, will share his favorites and usher this dynamic center of Javanese culture and fine arts straight into your home. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this historic city!

Crowdfunding Your Venture With Kickstarter

Kickstarter, a global crowdfunding platform, aims to “help bring creative projects to life”. Crowdfunding is an alternative financing option, where small amounts of money from a large number of people help fund a venture or project. 

This is the (highly transparent) Kickstarter Coffee Chat that you need. Learn the details of how to finance your startup through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. These founders, Tori Farley, Tyler Farley, and Danny Walsh, have collectively raised over $40,000 from over 700 unique backers. If they can do it, so can you! 

Key Takeaways: