Young alumni—those who have graduated in the past 10 years—are an important part of the ever-growing Northeastern family, and the Office of Alumni Relations is here to support you. We are committed to offering myriad opportunities for engagement, both in the Boston area and through our many communities around the globe. It’s a great way to maintain your connection to the university while networking with fellow alumni, parents, current students, and other members of the Northeastern community.

Young Alumnus Profile

Ricardhy Grandoit, CJ’09, MS’15

“Education and awareness is the most important part. We want to get the teams to think about it for themselves so that it becomes second nature.”
–Ricardhy Grandoit, CJ’09, MS’15

Grandoit, CJ’09, MS’15, is the Major League Baseball’s Social Responsibility Specialist, and one of his responsibilities is to spearhead a program that raises awareness and provides educational workshops for the more than 5,000 front office personnel, players, and support staff across major and minor league baseball.

Grandoit coordinates the workshops with two or three representatives of each major league team to ensure consistency and uniformity. He also works with a dozen vendors who work with the minor league clubs.

In addition to his concentration on domestic violence, Grandoit also coordinates MLB’s career development program, which prepares players for life after baseball, and youth initiatives like the Girls in Baseball program.

  • Young Alumni Advisory Board

    The Northeastern University Young Alumni Advisory Board (YAAB) works to empower graduates of the past 10 years and encourage their continued involvement with and support of the university through programs, events, and communications geared toward their interests. Members provide counsel to the Office of Alumni Relations staff on matters of concern to young alumni and provide guidance from a young alumni perspective. Additionally, YAAB members serve as ambassadors of the university through their leadership and by being chief executive connectors (CEC) at alumni events.

    YAAB fosters a life of fulfillment and accomplishment by providing insight and creating opportunities that enrich the personal and professional lives of recent graduates.

    Current YAAB

    Kris Dabrowiecki, DMSB’09

    Kris Dabrowiecki, DMSB’09, Chair

    Binja Basimike

    Binja Basimike, BHS’12, MPH’14 Vice Chair

    Elizabeth Barno

    Elizabeth Barno, SSH’13

    Selecca Bulgar-Medina

    Selecca Bulgar-Medina, AS’07, MA’13

    Andrew Cameron

    Andrew Cameron, SSH’15

    Dimitri Clarke

    Dimitri Clarke, SSH’14

    Michelle DuBow

    Michelle DuBow, S’13

    Keith Dunn, BHS’08

    Keith Dunn, PharmD’08

    Michael Green

    Michael Green, S’13

    Matt Haffenreffer

    Matt Haffenreffer, E’12

    Shaun Hamilton

    Shaun Hamilton, DMSB’14

    Carol Lee

    Carol Lee, KCIS’09, MS’16

    John Leo

    John Leo, E’14

    Peter Petrin

    Peter Petrin, SSH’13

    Katie Robidoux

    Katie Robidoux, AMD’13

    Sydney Stewart

    Sydney Stewart, AMD’15

    Kelly Wallace

    Kelly Wallace, SSH’13, MS’15

  • Young Global Leaders

    The Young Global Leaders (YGL) is a group of globally-minded young alumni from around the world. They provide assistance and advice to university leadership as well as develop new forms of engagement with successful young alumni. Members also implement and host unique content-based programs for alumni and their families, and advance Northeastern, by making consistent investments in the university. And because they live and work internationally as well as domestically, they are of the utmost importance in supporting Northeastern’s growth as a global university. YGL members serve as ambassadors by cultivating the university’s presence abroad, expanding our rich culture, and strengthening our impact in all corners of the world.

    Contact Information for YGL

    Carolyn Jasinski
    Director, Leadership Relations
    +1 617 373 4451

    » Visit YGL website