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Alumna’s pilot picked up by HGTB

Northeastern alumna Jasmine Roth, DMSB’08, hosts the new HGTV series House to Home.

What makes a house a home? In her new HGTV show House to Home, alumna Jasmine Roth, DMSB’08, is on a mission to transform cookie-cutter houses into customized homes. “We’ve all seen one of these communities, where you can almost accidentally walk into the wrong house because it looks just like the one next to it,” explained Roth. “My job is to go into these communities and help families turn their house into something that can function for them—a custom home.”

Roth got her start as a homebuilder and designer in California shortly after graduating from Northeastern University. In 2010, she and her husband, Brett Roth, DMSB’08, purchased a piece of property in Huntington Beach.  Their intent was to knock down the original house and build two new houses in its place, one to live in and one to sell. However, they quickly realized that their “Weekend Warrior” approach was taking more time than they intended.  Roth then made the decision to leave her job in Corporate Social Responsibility to work on the houses full-time.

“At one point my husband and I looked at each other and said, ‘We’re never going to finish these houses.’ We weren’t on a pace to get them done any time soon,” said Roth. “It got to the point where we realized something had to change, so I decided to manage the building of what we called the “spec house,” or the investment property, and our own house full-time.” This game-time decision paid off. In 2013, they were able to sell the investment property for a sizable profit.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Roth figured there had to be other home builders looking for help with construction design and project management. That’s why she founded Built Custom Homes, LLC, a company that manages the design of ground-up residential new-construction projects in Huntington Beach, CA. After a year and a half in business, Built Custom Homes caught the attention of a production company working with HGTV.

“I spent the next year jumping through hoops. Anything they asked for I tried to over deliver on and put my best foot forward,” explained Roth. “I was really focused on finding ways to differentiate myself and my company and to turn what I do into a show that people would like to watch.”

HGTV ultimately approached her with an opportunity to host their new series House to Home. The pilot episode was filmed last October and first aired on April 9, 2017. In addition to doing the show, she has been featured as a blogger on and is still taking on major new construction projects through her company. Roth will find out soon if her pilot goes to series and if she gets additional episodes. Excited to see what comes next, Roth said “It’s a good time to be a home builder.”

For part of her success, Roth credits her coursework at Northeastern, namely her entrepreneurship classes, and her co-ops at Northeastern Metro Realty, Ultimate Staffing, and Capital Group Companies.

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published May 2017